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Domains and Treatments


The primary objective of the Dialysis Membrane Domain is to investigate whether treatment with medium cut-off haemodialysis is superior to high flux haemodialysis in improving outcomes measured on the BEAT-Calci Wound Assessment Scale, in patients with kidney failure and newly diagnosed calciphylaxis.

High flux haemodialysis (HD) is the standard dialysis therapy used in centres worldwide. In this domain, treatment with HD is the control arm.

Medium cut-off haemodialysis (MCO HD) uses the medium cut-off (MCO) dialyser which has a pore size between those of a standard high-flux dialyser and a high cut-off dialyser. MCO HD therapy allows clearance and subsequent reduction of larger middle molecules which may play a crucial role in stopping or limiting the inflammatory and calcification processes in calciphylaxis. In this domain, treatment with MCO HD is the intervention arm.