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Trial Steering Committee

The Global Trial Steering Committee (TSC) holds the primary role of providing overall supervision and management of the trial. They are responsible for the design, protocol, development, conduct, data collection and interpretation and dissemination of results. The TSC are the decision-making body responsible for implementing changes to the protocol, including the addition of new domains or interventions, and those amendments necessitating from recommendations from the trial’s Independent Data Monitoring Committee (IDMC).

The TSC will review trial progress and set policies relating to trial conduct, secondary analysis, data management and presentation of results. It, and its members, may also assist in trial site education for investigators and staff, as needed.


Global Trial Steering Committee Members

Meg Jardine

Prof Meg Jardine (Chair)

Chief Investigator

Rathika Krishnasamy

A/Prof Rathika Krishnasamy

Platform Co-Director and Australia Lead

Brendan Smyth

Dr Brendan Smyth

Platform Co-Director

Smeeta Sinha Crop

Dr Smeeta Sinha

United Kingdom Lead

Janak De Zoysa Crop

Dr Janak de Zoysa

New Zealand Lead

Arlen Wilcox

Mr Arlen Wilcox

Global Project Manager

Tamara Young

Dr Tamara Young

Clinical Trial Fellow

Grahame elder crop

Prof Grahame Elder


Carmel hawley crop

Prof Carmel Hawley



A/Prof Nigel Toussaint